Global Intelligence

Learn, engage, and make an impact


From new grantmakers to those with years of experience, ClimateWorks’ Global Intelligence equips donors, foundations, and philanthropic advisors with insights to build and execute transformative ̽ strategies.

To support effective ̽ philanthropy, our global networks, datasets, and other unique assets help grantmakers and the ̽ community work to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We also support knowledge-building in the global ̽ community — working with researchers, advocates, policymakers, and businesses to advance ̽ solutions.

Climate philanthropy research

Through our unique datasets and partnerships with organizations worldwide, we track, map, and analyze the state of the ̽ solutions community. To help funders and ̽ actors make informed decisions about how and where to support ̽ action, we generate in-depth analysis and insights on global ̽ philanthropy funding flows and grantee communities.

Climate analytics research

To support effective philanthropy and innovation, we produce analysis and modeling on GHG emissions and ̽ solutions that can cut pollution at the scale required to achieve global ̽ goals. Interdisciplinary in nature, our research and analysis explore topics in ̽ science, economics, and the societal risks and opportunities connected to ̽ solutions that benefit people and the planet.

Action and accountability initiatives

Global Intelligence action and accountability initiatives provide an analytical basis to help civil society hold private and public sector actors accountable for their actions — or lack thereof — toward addressing the ̽ crisis.

This workstream is grounded in the transparent tracking of progress toward ̽ goals and uses that information to hold actors accountable for the speed and scale of their energy transitions. These initiatives advance greater ̽ ambition by promoting the transition from voluntary opt-in measures to mandatory government regulations.

Our unique datasets are built on global partnerships


People and organizations worldwide are rising to the challenge of addressing the ̽ crisis. To support a diverse portfolio of ̽ action efforts, Global Intelligence collaborates across ClimateWorks’ network to generate cutting-edge data and tools, convene relevant interest groups, share insights, and take action.

Philanthropy is part of the growing global ̽ movement. We work with a worldwide network of partners who are critical in advancing research, developing strategies, supporting policy development, and engaging the private sector and other crucial actors. We also collaborate with regional partners to understand local political, economic, and social factors that shape ̽ emissions reduction opportunities. Through these global partnerships, we have a growing body of research to support philanthropic efforts in key geographies that have traditionally received less funding for ̽ initiatives.

Custom analysis

We develop research and produce papers, presentations, and briefings in response to requests from our funding partners. We deliver resources tailored to specific needs and interests to help grantmakers and advisors design and execute strategies that advance their goals.

Through our custom analysis, we:

  • Bring new funders up to speed on ̽ data and trends
  • Support board meetings and investment decision-making
  • Provide segmented data and analysis to support strategy development and execution

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